Conversation Topics

These topics were taken from a series of textbooks and from various homepages devoted to conversation topics and interaction. To build on the complexity of the conversation, participants were asked to share information (question-answer), and then to explore further on the answers that they got and to discuss which interests they shared, and to provide some opinions. Finally, a complex question or social issue was posed to see how fluency might change in circumstances that required them to think a little bit about their answers.

Example Set 1

A. Share information about classes, hobbies, preferences
B. Discuss the question: How are you both different?
C. Compare schedules. Who is busier?

Information Gathering
Shared Interests
Cognitive Loading

Example Set 2

A. Share information about your activities, books, movies
B. Discuss the question: What kind of food do you both dislike?
C. Compare personalities. Who is more social and outgoing?

Information Gathering
Shared Interests
Cognitive Loading


To view (or download) a complete list of all the questions used in each conversation session please click the button.

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